Saturday, 10 July 2010

Brilliant Girl (s)!

I would like to dedicate this painting & post to my dear friend Jo & all the other brilliant friends out there whose inspiration & kindness has helped me so much. I feel so privileged to know you as friends.

The painting is of a snow leopard cub called Binu. In the wild they are critically endangered due to human activities. Against all the odds a few thousand of these very elusive felines are hanging on, often in the most extreme of habitats.

My ability to paint is very much dependent on my well being & perhaps even reflects my soul. I love to paint. For a few years as my emotions became blurred & laden with storm clouds, I really struggled to reconnect with my creativity. I finally got it back last year only to lose it once more after the heartbreak caused when a cherished friendship hit the rocks. My brushes lay dormant once more but now we are firmly reacquainted. Thankfully that cherished friendship is now back on track & my mind more at peace, to enable me to paint again, with a passion, from my heART!

Trying to get back to the workplace, so I can be able to pay my way in life again, has exposed my vulnerability to anxiety & stress but also taught me a lot about myself. At first I wobbled & felt like panicking when confronted by a very stressful working environment but I managed to work through it. I am not giving in to my old fears no matter how long it takes. May be I am perhaps stronger than I thought. I have so much to be grateful for. Trying to do the right thing for everyone, taking into account all our needs, hopes & dreams, seems at times akin to a plate spinner, juggling plates at a circus! Our love will find a way.

Letting go of my past, without denying it, never mind having the choice, all seem to add baggage to the journey. In times of stress I often draw strength thinking of how you, my friends, have coped in such adversity. When the emotional bombs have finally stopped, there still seem to be after shocks to deal with.

The inspiration you have all given me will never be forgotten. It has been so heart warming to have shared part of your lives. Your spirits shine so bright, where ever your path takes you.

I have been incredibly busy trying to rebuild my life. Caring for my parents, increasing my work experience & painting furiously for our annual art exhibition. Time just seems to be racing by & it has felt increasingly difficult to keep up with friends as much as I would like, especially those here, which makes me sad. I even missed the opportunity to wish dear Jo a belated happy birthday. So much seems to be going on in everyone’s lives. Some very special friends have moved on. Saying Good by to a world you thought you lived in, can bring on so many emotions both happy & sad.

They say it takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them; but then an entire life to forget them.

Dear Jo
Good luck & best wishes with your new home & new job but most importantly of all with those loved ones you cherish so dearly, your brilliant girls.

God Bless you Brilliant Friends!