Saturday, 6 December 2008

The spirit of Christmas

Christmas is for me a time for family & friends, full of memories & emotion. It is also often a time for reflection, what ever religion you may be. How I wish mankind could all live together in peaceful acceptance of each other.

I have been thinking a lot about my dear friends recently. Some are doing really well, some are going through unbelievably difficult times. They all are blessed with a wonderful spirit which is pushed to the limit due to circumstances beyond their control. My thoughts are with you all but particularly at this difficult time with dear Jo, Julia, Teri, Katy, Linda & her beloved friend Sasha, to name but a few.

Dear Jo they say everything happens for a reason but my heart goes out to you. You are in my thoughts & prayers. I hope you get the all clear real soon.

I am finally taking Dad to see the specialist again on Monday to discuss his scan results & find out if there is anything they can do to help with his hearing loss. Waiting & not knowing was the worst bit. I just hope PALS got their information correct.

When I first began this journey in 1996 I was captivated by the words of a song. The name of the band escapes me but the words still hold true. In life, you never know what may happen next. Plan for tomorrow but live for today.

This is your life

Where is the purpose in your life?
Where is the truth?
Do you remember?
Your hopes, your dreams?
They may no longer be your own!
Each day is for living your Own Life!
Do not let this world capture your Heart!
Your passions lost to a thousand themes.
You possibly acted like a child playing games.
Played pretend & the art of disguise.
Alone & lost for too much of your life.
There is no rehearsal!
No second chance!
No thoughts are better!
No circumstance!
This is not a story!
This is not a hope!
This is your life!

I have had the most amazing year thanks to the support of my wonderful family & friends. The experiences we have shared, the kind words & love that's been given, from all over the world, makes such a difference. I never knew blogging could be like this. Bless you all.

I have always known my true self but until this year I have never known if I can live that life. I still have days of doubt but they are few. I am a work in progress, still learning, still eradicating the ravages of testosterone poisoning from my body, but so grateful & happy to be alive.

Tomorrow I am going to my Art Societies Christmas lunch. My first ever Christmas party as Debbie. Shy quiet little me. I was so scared to be me. I used to be terrified of parties & social occasions. This year I am so looking forward to meeting up with all my creative friends. I am far from confident now but I feel so unbelievably different. Spiritually in a completely different place, which seems quite appropriate for this time of year.

You have all touched my heART. It is a bit early but for the first time in my new life I just want to say to Jo, Nicky, Jessica, Julia, Doris, Kate, Katy, Anji, Alan, Denise, Rebecca, Alex, Lucy, Lori, Karen, Teri, Heather, Julia M, Dee, Michelle, Chloe, Shauna, Jenny, Veronica, Debbie D, Fran, Paula, Chris & Jackie.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas. Good health & happiness. May all your dreams come true in 2009.
Lots of love


Josephine said...

And to you Debbie my friend.

Enjoy your lunch honey. You have come a long long way girl...

Anji said...

I hope you have a lovely time today - you deserve it.

I've made some very special friends this year. They've taught me a lot about inner strength and even more about faith.

I hope that your world continues to unfold in 2009 as it has this year.

alan said...

I hope your party was wonderful! Your kind heart and beautiful spirit have touched my heart and inspired it as well; I hope all of the wonderful things you are are returned to you a thousandfold!


Debbie K said...

Bless your hearts
Your love has made such a difference to me.
I had a great time at this party. Truth be told I have been to more Christmas parties this year than ever before. I feel so lucky. So Happy. So blessed with wonderful friends. I am still the same person, my appearance has changed a bit but it is my sense of self which I had no idea could change so much for the better.

May your Christmas be everything you wish for.