Wednesday, 5 May 2010

First time voting, the return of the Iron Lady?

In a sense I feel I have a rather unique opportunity to be a first time voter, twice, in one life time.

In a previous life when I had the chance to vote in a general election for the first time, I hid a terrible secret, which I am ashamed of, to this day. In 1979 I voted “The Iron lady” Mrs Thatcher into power.

I was a very confused troubled soul back then. We had a woman prime minister who was strong minded, some would say very intelligent, some would say she had quite masculine trates. Admirable qualities? She certainly knew her own mind, unlike me. Mrs "T" love her or loathe her proved to be very strong willed, a heartless ruthless leader who by her own actions sadly proved she had no sense of community & no compassion in her body. In those days I did not know who I was or what I was, never mind who to vote for.

Way back then I knew in my heart I had to vote for changes to my life, to have a chance of a better future. Do I wish I had made those changes sooner, do I have any regrets? It is so much easier to be wise after the event.

Skip forward in time. Here I am reborn, feeling like a first time voter all over again. It is my first chance to vote in a general election using my rightful name.

Perhaps I am now more of an iron lady myself after taking my Holland & Barratt liquid iron supplement to boost my energy levels. OMG no I’m turning into………. My Dad now goes out wearing some of the strange clothes, that once hung in my wardrobes! How times have changed.

To have the chance to vote in a democratic society is such a privilege, something we possibly take too much for granted. I can equally appreciate young voters being disillusioned & not bothering to vote at all, but then perhaps if you don’t vote you have no right to moan, something we could win gold medals at in this country.

I have had endless election junk mail through my letter box. Joy of joy’s I had one from our local Tory counsellor asking for my vote addressed to Mr D. …………Charming, so caring & thoughtful, he certainly wins my vote as the number one local erection candidate!

Who should I vote for?
I for some reason like the principal of "Change that works for you!"

Unfortunately our elections now seem to be more about personality than policies. Sadly we do not have a charasmatic leader like Obama to vote for. If only our politicians could all work together regardles of party for a common good for the country, instead of appearing to work purely for their own personal gains.If we end up with a hung parliament & they refuse to work together for the good of the country it could be good fun voting x factor style to decide which politician gets hung first!

If you mix red & yellow you could end up getting brown & stuck with mud!

We could have the dreaded sequel to the iron lady, the iron man who is actually a "T" person at heart.

When David Cameron looks into a mirror does he see his true self, can we be sure a vote for him is not actually a vote for the return of the politics of the Iron Lady?

No one should tell you who to vote for. All of this is written in fun but there is a very serious side to this years general election. I just hope none of us have the same regrets about the political party you vote for as I had after my first, first time as a voter & we truly have a future fit for all!

Happy voting!
Debbie x


Lucy Melford said...

Debbie, you're very humorous!

Isn't it all just one long ghastly ritual, though, whatever they say about it all being very different this time, with the upsurge of LibDem support. I didn't mind at all missing most of it in Scotland, nor did I mind being out of the house today, on the very eve of the election, just in case someone knocked on my door to persuade me to their cause.

By the way, I'll confess to voting in Mrs Thatcher too. But then, 18 years later, I voted in Tony Blair. What if I vote in Nick Clegg this time?


Debbie K said...

Hi Lucy
Funny how Mrs T was initially attacked for being too masculine probably because she was seen to be successful in a male dominated political world back then & the men in grey suits were jealous.

How great a role model she could have been for women kind how sad as a person she was such a dissappointment.

How potentially easy it may be for a woman with our background to be unfarely slurred as being too masculine purely because of any career success in the workplace.

Unfortunately our elections now seem to be moreabout personality than policies. Sadly we do not have a charasmatic Obama to vote for. If only our politicians could all work together regardles of party for a common good for the country instead of working purely for their own personal gains.

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