Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Sorry  I have not been around for a while. My Dad had a mini stroke in May & is thankfully recovering well. He became very confused while out walking along the river with me & our dog. He could not speak properly & his words became all mixed up. We manged to get home where he became more confused & emotional. Remembering the stroke advert off the telly act FAST Face Arms Speech & Time, we quickly had a paramedic come within minutes followed by an ambulance. He was very poorly weak down one side but bless him he recovered well. We were so lucky. He had brilliant care in the stroke unit & although by far the oldest patient he was also the least affected by his stroke. He is still tired but his speach has come back & he is back out walking & kicking every ball on the radio listening to his favourite footy team.

I have missed catching up with some very dear friends. Please forgive me if you are reading this. I have only just manged to get back to my painting recently. They say artists sometime produce their best work when they are troubled. I am not sure if thats true. I produced a painting for our annual art exhibition which is on this weekend at a new venue. I hope if my parents are well enough, to take them there & perhaps meet up with a few friends I have not seen for a while. The paintings called Little Star & is of a very young snow leapord cub, surviving a really difficult time. Sometimes its all too easy to take some things for granted. Sometimes you just have to live for the moment, do things while you can as you never know whats round the corner.

Loved the courage & inspiration of all the atheletes in the Olympics.
Take care
Debbie x


Lucy Melford said...

It's a pity it's on Thursday night, the Private View, because I can't make it. I would have loved to see you there, Debbie.

Sorry to hear about your Dad, but relieved that he is now better! My best wishes.


Anji said...

I love your painting. I'm sure that it will be much admired.

My M-I-L has had a few strokes this year, she still keeps going and insists on living at her home.

Take care

Doris said...

And my dad had a small stroke - classified as small as the effects lasted longer than a mini - but not enough that he was hospitalised. He's 75. Anyway, he was falling to the left rather than a droop or speech slur so that is actually "better" than the speech slur which indicates the forward part of the brain being affected which is more problematic. I hope you all can look forward to a lovely Christmas together! How's that - festive wishes already!! Doris x

Calie said...

Hi Debbie. I pretty much disappeared for a while, viewing very few blogs, and am just now reading this. I do hope you and both of your dear parents are doing well. I know how close you are to them.

As with Anji, I loved your painting. It looks like that cat is about to jump right out of my computer screen!

Calie xx

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