Monday, 17 November 2008

My Dads Scan "Good News"

The Best of PALS

We had some wonderful news today. My Dads scan results came back all clear.

After what we had expected to be a routine hearing check up my 84 year old Dad was shocked to find he needed to have am MRI scan. He had only recently been given a hearing aid for the first time in his life. He had been becoming more & more isolated & missing out on so much social interaction. Even when he was fitted for the hearing aid he was reluctant to use it because he felt it made him seem old. Bless him. When he went back for a follow up appointment we thought it would just be for a bit of fine tuning. My Dad was shocked to be given a scan on 16th October because of a rapid increase in the deterioration of his hearing.

We were told he should get an appointment to see the consultant again in 3 weeks time to discuss the results. The NHS are brilliant with emergency treatment but none emergency care can sometimes take a very long time. We waited & waited without any news. Mum & I wear our emotions on our sleeves. My Dad put on a brave face but we were all very worried. "Anxiety" should be our family name. We had the results hanging over us right through their Diamond wedding celebrations which was a shame. 8 days ago I phoned up the hospital & eventually found out the reason for the delay. A locum consultant had been called in to reduce the waiting times at the ENT department. He was able to see a few patients including my Dad & was then taken away from the department. A meetings was due to be held with management to decide the way ahead. In the mean time we just had to wait. With still no news last Friday I contacted the hospital again & they still could not confirm anything. The locum may be back next month but it was still up in the air.

Its amazing to look back on the silly things that we can worry about. Being so insecure about my voice was getting all out of proportion. Raising my pitch & trying to sound more feminine had probably made it even harder for my poor Dad to hear me. I had started to dread using phones. Suddenly with my family in trouble, I just got on with it. It did not matter how I was perceived I was my Dads daughter & how my voice sounded was just not relevant.

A few of our friends had mentioned about PALS an organisation who might be able to help us get some answers. At this point I contacted the patient advice & liaison service PALS. They were ever so understanding & promised to chase things up for us. True to their word they phoned up while my Dad was having his afternoon nap today. I took the call & gently woke him explaining the lady from PALS at the hospital had some news for him. He took the phone rather sleepily & with his usual rather abrupt telephone manner asked her "what are you selling?" OMG he nearly put the phone down on her. Thankfully we stopped him & then his face lit up into a broad smile. The results were all clear.

We had been praying he would be ok. We are sooooooo happy & relieved. All our friends have been so kind & concerned for us. Our family is so small & so close. The support we have all had from our friends during this difficult time has made such a difference. Thank you so much.

Thank heavens for PALS.



alan said...

Now there is some good news!

Tell your Dad that he has no reason to be embarrassed about hearing loss, that between working around aircraft for 5 years and riding motorcycles as well, then working in a factory for 30 years, I have about a 35% loss as well. Separating a voice from background noise is a problem, as is understanding the telly at points; thank goodness for "closed captioning"!

Just as I was getting out of the Navy they decided that instead of just wearing the "clamshell" style ear muffs, we should have been wearing the little yellow foam plugs inside them as well. I am sure when he was working on the Spitfires they used neither!


Josephine said...

Fab news Debbie...a weight off everyone's mind eh?!

Glad he didn't put the phone down!

Anji said...

That is good news. A good start to the day for me was to see that you'd updated your blog! Like Alan says we don't realise the damage we are doing to our ears until it is too late.

Hugs to you all!

Anji said...

It's a lovely family photo and I can see your dog peeking out too!

Debbie K said...

Thank you so much Alan, Jo & Anji.

As I write this my dear Dad is kicking every ball while listening to his beloved football team on the radio.

I hope you all have a good weekend

Kate Phizackerley said...

I'm pleased to hear this. I'll check the rest of your blog later but I'm on line for the first time in over 2 weeks (apart from a hsatilly snatched 1/2 hour) and my priority is working out whether some of the people with me can get home from Bangkok. I will read your news about working later on.

Anyway, I'm pleased your father has the all clear.

Best wishes
Kate P

LucyTolliday said...

A belated :) You all look so great in the photo.