Wednesday, 21 October 2009

My Guardian Angel was watching over me today

Today I ended up in the wonderful care of a Paramedic called Sarah. I was involved in a near miss with a car being driven by an elderly driver reversing at speed without realising I was walking across the road behind him. I was hit but not run over. Thank God my Mum was not walking by my side. I was so lucky I came so close to having my world shattered, my dreams destroyed.
Life has a habit of never going to plan.

"What does not kill us makes us stronger" is a quote that springs to mind.

We all have our own worries, our own little worlds. It only takes a split seconds lack of concentration for our worlds to collide & our lives can change for ever.

Fortunately I had dropped my Mum off at the hairdressers to have her hair done & so I was on my own as I crossed the Tesco's supermarket car park to do the weekly shop. The driver had just driven past the main entrance. The road was clear. My heart was happy as I set off. Just at this point the guys concentration must have wavered. Concerned for his passenger, his disabled wife, I can only assume he decided to save her from having to walk too far & with his thoughts only for his loved one, reversed without looking, straight at me. I ran for my life. I often cursed my height which makes me feel self conscious & prevents me wearing high heals. Not any more. With my flat shoes on, laden with empty shopping bags, I just about avoided being hit full on as the car smashed into my side & caught my outstretched hand. My Mum would not have stood a chance if she had been with me. They were totally oblivious until they heard me bang the car as I bounced of their rear wing. The car hit me but at least it did not run me over.

I was at first in mild shock, my hand slightly grazed but I did not want to make a scene. There but for the grace of God. My elderly Dad could easily have made a similar mistake & so could I. Many a time when I have been humbly trying to do the right thing, it seems the gremlins try to strike. How many times have we ourselves driven when perhaps we should not have, our minds distracted by deep emotions? There have been a number of occasions when I have been too ill, perhaps too selfish, to realise the implications my actions could bring.

At first I thought no significant harm had been done. I tried to carry on shopping. I had a long list to get, but only managed a few more steps to get some flowers for my Mum, when my legs turned to jelly. I felt dizzy as I went into deep shock. The recent memories of my car crash in April conspired to bring all the trauma back. The closeness of my surgery, my worries about my parents, all combined to completely overwhelm me. One of my biggest fears is the safety of my beloved parents while I have to convalesce after my surgery & I cannot provide the care I usually strive to. The staff were so kind. I was whisked away in a wheel chair to a quiet room as my shock became a full blown panic attack. I did not want to be a nuisance but with my hormone imbalance, my emotions were in meltdown, they were left with no choice but to call for the emergency services.

An Angel in green, the paramedic Sarah arrived. She did & said all the right things. Calmed & comforted me, checking everything was ok. She really was a sister of mercy. A relative of hers had needed to travel a similar path. There is something so special about caring people, she was so sweet to me. She studied hard to get her degree. Her very nature or perhaps it was just fate bought her to the perfect career. Sarah was the only female member in a team of over thirty emergency response personal. She self depricatingly jokingly described her large bag of emergency medical equipment as just her make up bag. She also told me her boss says “she does everything the men do, the only difference being she does it in lipstick!” What an inspirational lady.

She stopped with me to make sure I required no further treatment. Eventually guiding me with the help of the staff first Aider to the restaurant, for a much appreciated sugary cup of tea. Unable to stay any longer, her time in much demand, my angel in green, from the northern town of Grimsby was gone, but will always be remembered. We had both travelled a long, long way for our paths to meet.

I am going to write a letter to Sarah boss to let him know what an excellent Paramedic he has in his team. It’s all too easy for people to complain & moan. A little thank you costs nothing. I hope the elderly couple got home safely. I forgive the elderly driver, I just hope he does not hurt anyone else, he would never forgive himself I am sure. Would I have been able to forgive him if he had run over my Mum or Dad? No.No.No. I am no Angel. None of us knew our worlds would collide, that our paths would cross today. Afterwards I looked back on the day to discover my life was the richer for the experience.

An hour & a half after arriving I rather shakily finally left the shop having only managed to get my Mums flowers, but more importantly I had escaped a very near miss with my life, my dreams to finally be a complete Ms still in tack. The food shopping can wait another day, now if it had been clothes shopping that would have been serious!

I had only recently thought how lucky I am & that if I died tomorrow I would die happy. That tomorrow nearly came but thankfully my guardian Angel was with me.

My best friend S gave me a gift at the start of my journey, A guardian angel plaque with the following words inscribed:-

My Guardian Angel
She watches over you each day.
With warm & loving care.
This little Angel guides your steps.
She is with you everywhere!

Another dear friend Karen posted an appropriate link to a beautiful song

Lucie Silvas Guardian Angel

Dear Sarah C should you ever read this page, bless you for caring for me, for making my life richer.

((((((((((((Endless hugs & peaceful thoughts)))))))))))))

May your faith be your Guardian Angel
Debbie x
PS I took the photo of the Angel outside the hospital in Brighton where I had just had the most amazing experience with my Mum We had just come through the doors of the hospital (in the background) where I will be having my GRS on Nov 3rd.
Was the Angel real? Our unconditional love certainly was.


Lori D said...

Wow, Debbie! I'm so glad you're alright! You were about to see your Creator without getting the chance to have your outsides match the insides finally!

Karen said...

Debbie, I'm glad you are ok. That must have been a nightmare. You got through it and you saying your life is richer for the experience is the best way to remember and view it, because it will be.
Look after yourself
Karen x

Anji said...

Thnak goodness that you are alright.

Only you could turn it into a positive experience, you meeting with a very special paramedic.

Take care of yourself

chrissie said...

Honey, you were lucky to be alive there. I hope you got the munber and reported it.

I know you're concerned about the driver (bless you) but it may well be that there is a problem there that, if unaddressed, means he is likely to do that again, and next time seriously injure someone.

But I'm glad to hear you're fine now. Delayed shock can be a sod, I know...


NickyB (aka the CFG) said...

oh Debbie !!!
and you carried on and got the shopping !
(you're made of tougher stuff than you think, girl)

so sorry you had to go through this, glad you're ok, and it's totally like you to feel for the driver....xxxx

speak to you soon, ok ?
hang in there with the 'mones !

Lucy Melford said...

Just seen this. Relieved that you were essentially unhurt, although shock is not to be dismissed lightly. Yes, any one of us could have reversed in the same way and caused a similar accident. My car has big blind spots, and I am terrified of reversing into a pram one day.

Lucy (in Suffolk)

Josephine said...

Oh Gawd glad you're OK my dear. It's a dangerous world out there!

Anonymous said...

Debbie, Thanks goodness you were quick on your feet and you had good reaction times.
The paramedic sounds great. I am sure she would really appreciate a letter of thanks.

Debbie K said...

I really do have Angels for friends. Just look at you all!

Bless you for your kind thoughts.

I had a really challenging Laser & IPL session today & I was afraid I would have another panic attack. The lady who is treating me was so kind just like Sarah C & I got through it all without any pain.

There are Angels everywhere.

GirlWhoShould said...

A frightening moment, like all above i'm so glad you're ok and had some great assistance when in need.
Lucy x

Calie said...

Hi Debbie. I'm so glad you are OK and that neither of your parents were by your side when it happened. What a wonderful, caring, angel Sarah is.

I often wonder, when a blog stands idle for months, if the blogger somehow had passed away without anyone knowing. How sad. Too bad there is not some sort of health and welfare check-in network for bloggers, especially those who are located in remote areas.

Calie xxx