Wednesday, 24 June 2009

An anxious wait

I have just read some very distressing news which may mean my gender realignment surgery will not be happening at the place I had set my heart on. I appreciate I am still very lucky to be having my surgery via the NHS but the news has sent my anxiety into over drive.
I had such trust in the lead nurse of the team at Brighton & her team together with the excellent facilities. Obviously the surgeon is vitally important but so too is the after care & location. I am sure I am the same as most patients requiring surgery via the national health system, that will not quite believe they are finally going to get their operation until they actually wake up after the surgery. Cancellations at short notice are all too common.
Late tonight I read the news that a lady from Scotland who was due to have her NHS funded GRS at the Nuffield Brighton had her surgery transferred at very short notice to Hayward’s Heath. This may or may not be down to a change in policy but this poor love would appear to be the first lady to have Mr Thomas perform this surgery at this particular hospital. Like me she had complete faith in the team at Brighton & with a new possibly inexperienced team, not to mention the huge disappointment, my heart goes out to her.

I have tried desperately to contact Liz Hills at the Brighton Hospital but unfortunately she is about to go on leave for a week so I face a very anxious wait to find out if my surgery may not be where I had hoped for. Life is never easy.
May your week be kind to you.

A tearful anxious Debbie


alan said...

Debbie, I shall hope with all my heart that everything will go as you have dreamt and planned!


Debbie K said...

Thank you Alan
I just cannot get to sleep & have been awake most of the night. May be this was a blessing because it gave me time to catch up with my friends. I read your recent blog post about your beloved Dad which bought a tear to my eyes & a renewed appreciation of how lucky I am.
Bless your heart

Anji said...

You don't know all of the circumstances of the lady from Scotland. Keep thinking positive thoughts. I've got my fingers crossed for you.

Debbie K said...

Thanks Anji
I am completely exhausted, all fingers & thumbs. I have made so many mistakes this morning, getting friends names wrong, emailing the wrong people. You were spot on Anji. I have managed to contact the poor lady & she has privately re-assured me all may not be lost yet. Mean while I shall try to catch up on my sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
x Dopey Debbie

Karen said...

Debbie, I really hope that everything comes together as you have planned.
Look after yourself.
Karen x

Anji said...

Hope you manage to get some rest now

Josephine said...

My dear, I hope this comes good for you. There could be any number of reasons why someone's surgery was moved. Temporary staff shortages, Phil Thomas's surgical list, operating theatre availabilities etc. You don't seem to have suggested that this is a new policy of some my advice would be don't assume the worst until you have to.

And actually, well, the worst needn't be what you are's still Phil Thomas. Do you know anything about the Haywards Heath post op care, or the nursing team there?

Big love...just deal with what you know babes.

NickyB (aka the CFG) said...

Am sure it'll be ok Debbie! As Jo says, it's still Phil Thomas...hope you got some rest? I'll call you! xxx