Friday, 26 June 2009

My prayers have been answered

I received the following wonderful news when I switched on my computer today
"Dear Debra
You are coming to the Nuffield. Only girls from Glasgow and Lanarkshire in Scotland are going to PRH.So do not worry.
Liz x
Liz Hills the lead clinical nurse at Brighton had kindly taken the trouble to reassure me everything was ok even though she had just gone off on some well deserved vacation time. Her dedication to her patients knows no bounds & I am so grateful to know this lady will be looking after me. This means so much to me. The last 48 hours have been really difficult. I tried so hard to not let my anxiety take over my life but the wheels seemed to come off & panic set in as I careered out of control into a nightmarish place. Thankfully the most important things in my life, my faith, my family & friends were all there for me.
Yesterday I was running on empty & my way of distracting my anxiety was to reach out to my friends. My heart was in the right place but my grip on reality was strained. I found my self on my computer at 4 o'clock in the morning catching up on my online friends lives in between searching for answers. I thought those days had long gone.
My day descended into yet more chaos by me emailing my worries regarding my grs to the wrong Liz. Followed by the news my parents new car was arriving this coming Monday the same day I am in London to see Dr C the gender specialist. The alternative was the Tuesday in which case I will have to cancel my volunteer day at the hospital which will make it look like I am pulling a sicky to avoid working with the volunteer who has learning difficulties. In truth the poor love would probably have been thinking a lot clearer than me at the time!
While I was in meltdown my parents reaction was something that only a relatively short time ago would have seemed impossible to imagine. From denial & angst for over ten years they were now by my side in my hours of need, willing their daughter to get the surgery they accepted she so needed.
I have been overwhelmed by support & love from my family & my friends. All of you who kindly share my world here helped me so much. I cannot thank you enough. Yesterday evening I went out with some dear friends just when I need it most & today's news has left me feeling so blessed & so happy.
Through out this turmoil I was able to "Place all my trust in Jesus" & my prayers were answered.
Bless you my friends.
May you all have a wonderful weekend.
((((((Peaceful thoughts))))))))))


Karen said...

Hi Debbie,
Fantastic news.You must be over the moon.
Karen x

NickyB (aka the CFG) said...

have a great weekend Debbie :-) xxxx

Lucy Melford said...

Phew. Another crisis passed. Just how much more can you take? But truly excellent news, and what a relief!! I am following all this with intense interest, because although I have moved, it's only from one village to another, and I'm still close to Brighton, and if I am in line for surgery that's where I'll be going, unless the States have anything better. November won't be long coming. Lucy

Lori D said...

That's my Debbie ;) Always holding on, through the fear and doubts.
Love to see you emerge stronger each day!

chrissie said...

That's great news, Debbie.

It has put your mind at rest.


Josephine said...

Result honey!

Glad it worked out for you :-)

Anji said...

I was away yesterday so missed your good news. I hope that you're having a lovely weekend now that you don't have to worry anymore.

Hannah J. R. said...

Hi Debbie, just catching up myself.
Excellent news and really glad to hear it.
Hannah xxx

LucyTolliday said...

Hoping the appointment went well.
Hugs and best wishes x

Debbie K said...

Bless you dear Karen, Nicky, Lucy, Lori, Chrissie, Jo, Anji, Hannah & Lucy, for all your kind thoughts.
Please forgive me not replying earlier or posting very much on your blogs, life is bringing on many challenges just now.
I have been thinking of you all.

My thoughts & prayers are particularly with dear Lori at this worrying time,

Lots of love