Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Let it go

When I am feeling bad & my heart is aching my emotions run & my tears flow. We all have our own problems, we all have our own thought processes. Mine are clearly emotion driven. I am too often guilty of over analysing things & just cannot let those destructive thoughts go.

I came across this track by U2 which I found very uplifting

((((((Peaceful thoughts)))))))



Karen said...

Put a link to a song that reminds me of you.
'Battles We Have Won' by Eric Johnson.
You have won one of the most important battles of your life and you should be proud of that fact.
Try not to let your emotions rule your head. Trust yourself, you don't have to over analyse. You have your intuition and it's telling you some thoughts are destructive. In the end finding a balance with your emotions and not let them rule you is key in my opinion for what it is worth.
To paraphrase the lyrics of the song.
'After all is said and done this can be another battle you have won'.
Look after yourself. You are a stronger woman than you realise.
Karen xxx

chrissie said...

Big hugs, petal.....

You know that others think of you even when they do not see you. :-)

BTW, do feel free to email me if you want. I don't have your address, but mine is chrissie dot beckett at

More hugs