Tuesday, 22 July 2008

May this be a truely Lucky day

My little buddy, my ray of sunshine, my loyal friend is having an operation today.
I have just tearfully had to leave him at the vets this morning
He is part of our family.
Our home feels so empty without him.
The sound of silence deafening.
It should be a routine operation to make his tummy better.
He has a cyst on his prostrate & is going to have the "very big snip this morning".
His pride & joy will be gone for ever, the poor love.
I hope he will forgive me.
His love for us is unconditional.
Come rain or shine he has been there for us.
Mum, Dad & I just want our baby back safe & well.
Reading Jo's blog today was very poignant.
True friends are always there for you.
I hope this proves to be a very Lucky day for two dear friends & our families !
Most sacred Heart of Jesus I place all my trust in thee!
If you read this please say a prayer to bring our little doggy back to us safe & well.
A very emotional Debbie.


Rebecca said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you today, Debbie. Please let us know how things go, ok? xxx

alan said...

Fingers crossed for you and your friend!

We have a dog and a cat; the dog got her shots 3 weeks ago; I took the cat for his yesterday. From the minute I put him in the carrier he squalled the whole way, but yet when I opened the door at the vets he wouldn't even stick his head out...we decided he might remember coming home after his snipping...


Kate Phizackerley said...

I'll pray for you.

Debbie K said...

Bless you Rebecca, Alan & Kate

My little friend is back home & doing quite well. We have to stop him licking his wounds which involve one of those upside down lampshade collars. The poor love was terrified of it when the vet put it on. He is supposed to sleep in it. I cannot bare the thought of him like that. It looks like I will be sleeping with him on the settee for several nights.
I have to go back to him now.

Thank you so much for all your kind thoughts & prayers.


Debbie K said...


Last night he was ok until we had to try & put his horrible collar on to stop him from licking his wounds. It was awful, pitiful to watch. He was paralysed with fear. We just could not put him through a night in that state.

In despearation I even tried wearing it for half an hour to try & convince him it was alright. Not suprisingly this idea failed. He ended up spending the night in one of the last remaining pairs of Bobs old underwear. No one would touch those horible things!
Eventually in the early hours I coaxed him to sleep. The things we do for our pets. They are worth it.

This morning he seems quite good all things considered. His tummy was badly effected by all anesthetics & pain killers & was not too good on his short walk.

We phoned the vets to check if we needed to bring him in but they assured us this was a natural reaction & suggested we try not to worry or make a fuss. As if we would!

Wuf Wuff
Debbie & her doggy pal

alan said...

I'm glad to read that he is doing alright even though you lost most of your night's sleep to ensure it. Hopefully things will be easier tonight and you'll be able to get more sleep!


Anji said...

I'm sorry I missed all of this. Hopefully you'll get a bit more sleep tonight. the worst is over now. Hugs to you both!

alan said...

Hope you had a good night's sleep, that the pup is OK and you are looking forward to a wonderful weekend!


Debbie K said...

Dear Rebecca, Alan, Kate & Anji

Thank you so much for all your kind words.
My little friend is doing really well now. Our main problem is stopping him from bouncing around too much & damaging his stiches. He is full of fun again.
His tummy has settled down but the operation area is still quite swollen.
He goes in to have his stiches removed this Monday.

I wish we could all have his energy this weekend!
Peace be with you.


Josephine said...

Well honey...I'm so glad things seem to be OK. Do give us an update eh?