Wednesday, 11 June 2008

I may be gone for some time!

A brush with the wild & the wonderful

My best friend, the lady who together with her dear husband saved my life & helped me to be true to my heART has just given me a set of incredible photo's of one of our Zoo's Amur/Siberian tiger cubs called Zambar, from a few years back. Tragically they are nearing extinction in the wild & may one day only survive in captivity because of poaching & habitat loss. They are also used in traditional Chinese medicine. How any body can wear real fur coats I will never know. There are estimated to be only as few as 400 left in the wild. One day little guys like this may sadly be gone for ever!

Her husband photographed this little cutie in one of the rest rooms at the zoo . Unfortunately he had to be hand reared as his mum took a disliking to him & could not look after him. He is only a couple of months old in this photograph & looks so cute & cuddly . He is now about 4 years old & tickling his tummy may not be quite such a good idea.

My friend is a fellow artist & her husband is a head keeper who loves wildlife. She really should be painting these herself. I feel so guilty & so grateful. I am completely overwhelmed by their kindness.

If I cannot be inspired to paint properly now I never will!

I can hear my paint brush calling me, even louder than those new shoes that beckon me when I am out shopping.

I may not be able to get back to this blog for a while, so please do not worry about me.

I am so deliriously happy.

The housework may have to wait, so can the bills.
As long as my dear family are all well & looked after I am going to spend some time losing myself in my creativity.



Anji said...

I can see why you are going to disappear to paint. That's all right, I can come and look at this wonderful picture. Thanks for the info on the paper. as I've only had lessons in France I didn't know the word 'cockle'

When I worked in a bank I was introduced to a lioness - she had the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen

Anonymous said...

enjoy your painting time debbie !
we won't worry...

but maybe you should get the shoes that are calling to you as well ! x

Doris said...

Have a lovely wondrous time Debbie :-)

julia barber said...

Have a great time Debbie.

Josephine said...

I want one!!! Not a four year old one, obviously, but one like this! I remember in Thailand my kids held a tiger cub and fed it from a bottle. Very un PC, but very cute.

alan said...

Deliriously happy sounds like a wonderful thing to be in this world! Enjoy!