Saturday, 28 June 2008

Multi tasking


I helped my best friend to plan for her upcoming exhibition. It was so nice to able to give just a little back to some one so special who has helped transform my life. We designed some posters & come up with some ideas for publicity. The exhibition is only in a few weeks time & we have a lot to do. I say we, it is my friend who has been spending her spare time doing brilliant work. I really hope her talents are rewarded. She has worked so hard always pushing her artistic boundaries. Always ready to learn & not afraid of making the odd mistake along the way. She has learnt so much & really developed as an Artist in the last couple of years.

Yet somehow she has a busy demanding job & a large family who she adores, to look after. Not to mention the wealth of friends she has who are constantly coming through her open door & always made welcome. She is such a warm & giving person. A real Angel.

She is also very strong, yet vulnerable but somehow how she manages to balance her life. How to prioritise, when to listen & when to let go. She has great empathy for people & really values her family & friends. I really admire her qualities & am so lucky to have her & her lovely husband as a friend. I have great problems with my time keeping & end up trying to juggle several jobs at once often faffing about & losing complete track of time. She has kindly tried to share the secret of how she balances her life but I still have not quite grasped the secret of her ability to multi task OR HAVE i?


Anji said...

I know people like that - I've never figured it out. It's good that you can help her sort out her exhibition. I'd say that one of her secrets is not being afraid to ask for help when she needs it.

Debbie K said...

Hi Anji
You could well be right. She has a real gift for managing her time & being able to seperate her work which she is dedicated to & her family. My friend is very much a people person & willing to hear other peoples opinions but very strong willed when she needs to be.

I tried to muddle along on my own for a while in my mans world. I thought it was what I was supposed to do even though it felt alien to me. Once I accepted I needed help to deal with my confused feelings, I have always been grateful for all the help I could get.