Saturday, 9 August 2008

Bounce Ability

After the highs & lows of the last week, I wanted to post something much more positive.

On FridayI pushed my self to go out as I decided I just needed to get on with my life. I did not want to let my parents down. I managed to take my Dad to hospital to have his hearing checked & went off to do the weekly shop. Vanity & an icky tummy where no excuse for self pity. My face has almost recovered now.

I only put on a very light amount of make up but it cheered me up. I just could not face going out without some “war paint” on. I managed the weekly shop fine & by chance arrived back at the hospital just as my parents where coming out. My Dad seemed happy with his visit & mum was really surprised I managed to do the shop. We settled down for lunch after putting the shopping away & had a nice hour or so watching the opening of the “Olympics”. London has a lot to do to surpass the spectacle we have just witnessed.

Just before finishing the trilogy of recent posts which seemed to have gone on longer than the Olympic opening ceremony, I had a phone call from a company selling accident insurance. I spoke using my bestest Debbie voice, still feeling a little off colour & the caller called me madam all the time without even asking my name. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I rather rushed the postings yesterday & deeply regretted posting the last part of my trilogy as it alarmed my dear friend Nicky.
I managed to take our doggy out after tea & then did some more work on my painting. I am not sure if its finished yet but it is such a joy just to get it this far. Like me it really is my first steps & very much a work in progress.

I had found my "bounce ability" a phrase that I owe so much to my inspirational friends. We all have it in us, we just have to believe in ourselves to find it.

Peace be with you.

Best wishes


Anji said...

Well done for the shopping expedition. We take so much for granted. As I work from home I don’t always ‘make up’, but it’s true, it can lift your mood. Sounds like the second insurance company is much nicer than the car insurance people you spoke to the other day. Little things mean a lot. Have a good weekend.

I have my own Olympics news on my main blog!

Anonymous said...

Wow ! You "tigger" !

So so glad. I think we're all emerging stronger from this adversity Debbie! so happy you're a little better....
x x x x x

Doris said...

What a week you have had. Sounds awful and demoralising after the really good stuff.

The painting is gorgeous - you use some really lovely colours and are inspiring.

((Hugs to you))

Off to read Anji's Olympic news .... I loved the opening ceremony too.

Josephine said...


I missed it all...your whole week, all those ups and downs. I'm sorry honey. I had planned to be there on Monday...well you know the story. You didn't need me though did you!? ;-)

Going from strength to strength my friend. Respect and admiration darling.


Debbie K said...

Dear Anji, Nicky, Doris & Jo
Thamk you so much for your kind comments. I am nearly recovered apart from my tummy now.

Hi Anji
I really enjoyed your Olympic news.

Hi Nicky
I hope you have had a good weekend with your family.

Hi Doris
I luv my colours. I have tried to use a limited pallet but I always end up getting carried away. Its so nice to receive a comment from you again.

Hi Jo
We are both moving on, my friend.
You are always in my thoughts.

Bless you all

alan said...

The painting is gorgeous! I'm glad all the other skies are brightening again for you as well; I'll cross my fingers that everything else comes out just as lovely as this painting!


Karen said...

Hi Debbie
I was really surprised when I saw your comment on Judie Tzuke. I haven't come across another fan in years, and I totally agree with you.
I take it that is your painting,it really is a beautiful piece.
From what I've read I hope your feeling better now.
It was really nice of you to stop by where I ramble on, so I thought I would come and say hi.
All the best

Kate Phizackerley said...

You're getting stronger all the time and bouncing much faster.
Kate x