Thursday, 21 August 2008

My first prom night

Our special guest opening night of our annual wildlife art exhibition was more than I could ever possibly have dreamed for. It was our art society's 10th anniversary & the first opening night I had ever attended feeling so at peace & finally me. A night filled with wonderful friends, amazing art, in a superb location, immersed in creative energy. It is now billed as the biggest wildlife art exhibition in the world. I am not sure if that is true & personally I do not care. Size does not matter to me!lol

What matters to me are my friends. This night was a huge landmark if not quite the culmination of a what has become for me a very spiritual journey. Last night I was just little me, simply my true self. I have never felt more at peace in my entire life. I was a minuscule part of an incredibly joyous night for so many of my artistic friends & art/animal loving friends. Being able to just be accepted as me by dear long term friends who have stood by me & people I was meeting for the first time was heaven on earth.
I have never ever taken so much thought & effort to get ready to go any where like I did for this night. It was no surprise when I finished up running quite late. My Mum ended up loaning me a pretty necklace as I just could not find one that suited my outfit. I finally arrived only five minutes late. It was a surreal & poignant moment for me to be sat by the table which was to be the centre of activity for anyone of our guests who may be kind enough to purchase a painting some two hours later, filling & painting my nails a delicate shade of pink. Some years ago in another life at the same venue I had cheekily told my art chairman's wife who was resplendent in all her finery "you scrubbed up nice." I never dared dream that one day that comment may come back to haunt me. I did enjoy sharing a smile with her asking her all these years later "have I scrubbed up ok tonight?"
The event was attended by over 800 guests. It was opened by BBC wildlife photographer/presenter Simon King who was so lovely. I just had to have my photo taken with him. He cares passionately about wildlife & one of his favourites are cheetahs which I so enjoy painting. We had a band playing, Drinks flowing & everyone seemed to have a great time in spite on the good old British weather. Now if it had been a sun kissed summers evening with blue sky I would really have wondered if I had dreamt what felt like to me to be "my very first prom night".
I have finally arrived at a place I have never ever been at before in my entire life. I am finally me.
I have a life to look forward to & some truly wonderful friends. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world today.
I may write more soon but just wanted to post this as a memento of a night I will remember for the rest of my life.
Lots of love
A deliriously happy Debbie


alan said...

I have no doubt that this is just the beginning of many more such wonderful nights!

Art is so neglected in this world that cares more about dividends and tax cuts; anything done to bring it back into view is a blessing. Those capable of creating things as beautiful as your paintings deserve every accolade and more!


Anji said...

You look wonderful. I'm so pleased for you!

Anji said...

There is a little red dot by your painting, does it mean that it was sold?

Josephine said...

You DO look great.

And happy and peaceful and YOU. And I'm getting all goosebumpy here thinking of how far you've come and what this means to you and how much you deserve it all honey!! They are lovely pictures, both the ones of you and by you!

Welcome to your life Debbie, my friend :-)

Debbie K said...

Daer Alan, Anji & Jo
Thank you so much for your kind words.
I have never felt so happy in my life, so peaceful.
The little red dot confirms my first ever sale as Debbie K.
The love & kindeness I have been so lucky to be blessed with from my friends & the peace of mind I am now experiencing have confirmed I am "sold on my new life already"

I am one real happy red dotty lady.


alan said...

May it be the first of many, many more my friend!


Jessica Hart said...

Glad you enjoyed your night Debbie - what a lovely report!

Doris said...

LOL Wonderful, wonderful :-)

Sharing the joy xx

Katy J said...

Debbie, i is wonderful to be able to be yourself, Relish the moment as you deserve it more than anybody I currently know

xxx Kathryn xxx

LucyTolliday said...

Again you look great. I cant help but smile, such a great post :)Congrats on getting a sale.