Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Debbie is now having her GRS

Hi all, it's Nicky again.
It's 8am, I got the text message shown below from Debbie at 6am. I managed to reply to her just before she will be now having her surgery.
She made it, and is doing so well !

Hi Nicky
soon that part of me that troubled me so, will be gone forever. Please say a prayer for my mum and dad,to bring them peace. I believe in angels.
most sacred heart of jesus i place all my trust in thee.
lots of love
bless you
debbie x


Anji said...

Debbie is so courageous. I forgot about the hours difference so hopefully now she is half way through.

I wonder if her parents realise just how many prayers will be going out for them today too.

Karen said...

She certainly is.
Hoping everything goes well for Debbie and her family

Lori D said...

You've never been more beautiful, sweet Debbie! Heal soon and love life!

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of you.