Monday, 2 November 2009

Debbie is settled in hospital

As Debbie mentioned, I'll humbly try to update her blog where possible.
It's 4.45pm on monday, and she checked in at lunchtime today. Her GRS is tomorrow. I've just received this from her via text message :
Hi Nicky
I am all booked in and everything is fine. I still feel so at peace. It is the most beautiful feeling. I am in the room directly above the hospital entrance. All the rooms with a view are full at the moment, which is not a problem. All my heart can see is blue sky. Tomorrow i will be climbing so high. As long as my parents are fine, i will be too.
Bless you
lots of love
A very happy smiling

I will try to talk to her later, and get a hospital update tomorrow.
Nicky xx


Karen said...

Thanks for the update Nicky. Glad to hear she has settled in.
Wishing her all the best.
Karen xx

Lucy Melford said...

Amazing how you can remotely post things on her blog. This smacks of witchcraft, my dears!

I'm especially keen to know when Debbie might be comfortable enough/awake enough for visitors.

Shall we all light a candle to her?


Poacher said...

Bless her......!


alan said...

As Irving Berlin well said:

"Nothing but Blue Skies from now on"!

Thank you Nicky!


NickyB (aka the CFG) said...

She said tonight "Knight night Nicky
Please thank everyone for their kindness
Still smiling
Debbie x"

Anji said...

I'm a bit late I know. it's a relief to know that she was feeling so peaceful yesterday.

Thank you Nicky