Friday, 6 November 2009

Debbie's text messages...

Hi folks...Debbie lets me know how she's doing each day.
Mostly she asks how *I* am!!!...typical Debbie...
Tonight she sent me this by text message :

Hi Nicky
I have had a really lovely day today. Dear Jo, Lucy and two of my Mswell friends kindly visited me. I also had the treat of real food again,chicken mash. Tmorrow i hope to be able to sit in a chair. The simple pleasures in life. May your weekend bring everything you wish for.
Debbie x

Just wonderful.... :-)
nicky x


NickyB (aka the CFG) said...

as I do each night, I replied "night night"...sleep well Debbie :-) xxx

alan said...

As am I now you relayed this!

Thank you Nicky!


GirlWhoShould said...

Indeed, sleep well Debbie :):-) x

Josephine said...

She looked really good today. Radiant really, and much more perky and awake than yesterday (so she said). And just really calm and happy. Lovely hospital, great view out of the window across the rolling chalk downs and to the sea :-) It was lovely to spend a few hours there with her (and got to meet Lucy too, which was also fab).

chrissie said...

Oh, bless her!!!!


Anji said...

Thanks Nicky - and Josephine. She's is doing so well.

Debbie: I hope that your sit in a chair is an enjoyable one!

Anji said...

Monday 9th: I hope all is going as it should. I bet the time is really going slowly today. Thinking of you.

mandi said...

hi debbie, i hope things are going well now.fran suggested i contact you hope we can chat soon.take care......mandi x