Monday, 26 May 2008

Bad Hair days

Today is a typical bank holiday in England. Sure enough the weather is damp & windy. I suffer from seasonal affected disorder SAD & days like today used to be a real problem for me. Well today that no longer seems to be happening to me. Having finally followed my own "Rainbow" I have discovered my true self, my heart, my soul, were my pot of gold, my hidden treasure. My SAD has GONE.

Nothing is going to dampen that spirit.

I also suffer from bad hair days. Never mind. Today's wind & rain are making no difference to how I feel. There is sunshine in my heart!

I have attached a painting I did a few years ago, which is in watercolour, & is of a baby Oran Utan. It could well be a self portrait of the artist. Many times I have seen that look reflected in the mirror!



Anji said...

Hello Debbie, I just popped over from Jo's. I really hope you will be painting again soon.

Debbie K said...

Hi Anji
Bless you. Thanks for your kind comments. Its really nice to have you pop in here.

I am a little shy about telling people about my blog. Dear Jo suggested I should have a go & I have found it very theraputic.


Josephine said...

You did this?!

Wow :-)

I'm enormously impressed honey :-)

A girl of hidden talents I'd say!!

And whoppee for the blog!!!!!

Yay for Debbie :-)

Anonymous said...

fabulous painting !...and your blog is coming along nicely too Debbie...x

alan said...

I am dropping over from Jo's as well...I hope you don't mind!

Very lovely paintings all up and down the page; this one particularly reminds me of things I've seen in the mirror as well, though it's been 20 years since I had that much hair!

Lovely writing as well; thank you for sharing your talents with us!


Dee Harris said...

Hi Debbie,
OMG these are really really good paintings hun. A few years ago I used to work with a struggling wildlife artist called Odile Kidd from Zimbabwe who was also extremely talented. She's had a number of exhibitions now and your work bears comparison with her in my opinion. Funny but she was also a really lovely and genuinely caring individual...must be something about painters of this genre xxx

Debbie K said...

Thank you each & every one of you. You have all lifted my spirits & touched my heart.

Dear Anji
Thanks again Anji. It was entirely due to you kindly popping in here that gave me the confidence to finally let my secret project out & since then I just cannot believe all the lovely people who have visited here. I sure hope that with your determination you are already elbowing your way past the big boys. Wow how do find the time to write all your lovely blogs?

Bless you Jo
I too wonder every day if I am dreaming & I certainly cannot believe this is happening to me.
Thank you for encouraging your wonderful friends over to see me.
Thank you for shairing your incredible life with us.

Thank you Nicky
She may have been the life we were frightened of, but she sure is having her way now!
I am so sooooooooo happy for you.

Dear Alan
It is so lovely to see you here. You have made my world brighter by being here. Thank you.

Dear Denise
OMG it was so lovely to finally meet you. Thank you so much for your kind comparison with your friend Odile Kidd. It seems a distant dream now but it would be lovely if one day I could follow her footsteps & have my own exhibition.
Miracles can happen; people can live their dreams, we are!
If I could capture the joy of where we are in our lives now & create a painting from them. That really would be something.

fineartist said...

Debbie this piece is wonderful; skillfully rendered and humorous too.

I am very impressed also, I know how difficult it is to manage watercolors and this piece while very lose and lovely also displays a masters control of the medium. Oh and the colors are earthy and enchanting.

I love it! xx