Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Perfect day

Perfect day

After all the emotions & heartache during the build up to the day I finally legally change my name, this magical day, Debbie’s Day, was everything I could dream for & more.
We all went off to the solicitors this morning for an 11 o’clock appointment. Mum & Dad were wonderful. They were genuinely pleased for me. Dad was in a very relaxed mode. He even joked that now there were two women in the house he need never do any housework again! I could not believe he actually managed to come. It was just so nice to share the day with both my parents. The people at the solicitors could not have been more helpful. I had to leave my new pink sling backs at home as they clashed with my Mums outfit. It I was on cloud nine when we finally had everything completed. I was so high on emotions I sat in the car with Mum & Dad with the happiest of dopey Debbie grins on my face. We popped home to see our corgi was ok & I changed into a more casual outfit including my new shoes. I had to leave my new pink sling back shoes with bows on the front which I had bought specially to wear to the solicitors because they clashed with my Mums original outfit. It was so funny as we both ended up changing our outfits.
My parents had kindly suggested we should go out for a celebratory meal together. It was so sweet of them to do this for me. I was in girly heaven as we set off out to the Fishers pond restaurant for our meal. They were singing songs about my new name, which bought tears to my eyes. Deliriously happy, tears of joy. We had a lovely meal together. The company was so special, the weather warm & sunny & the view of the lake just set the scene, for a perfect day. Many years ago in my childhood days my dear Dad had taken me to the lake to fish at 3 o’clock in the morning. It holds a lot of memories for me. It is really tranquil & picturesque with a lovely old cottage adjacent to the lake. There are all kinds of birds, including mallards, swans, herons & there even used to be ugly ducklings! Now here I was at the lake side once more, the ugly duckling had blossomed & into a beautiful ugly duckling, a new life was finally beginning.

The day was far from over. There was more to live long in my memories. As I got up to leave my new shoes felt slightly different & were pressing on my toes. Silly cow, that will teach me not to wear them in first. I hobbled back to the car, still in seventh heaven. I convinced myself the pain was worth it, as they were the prettiest shoes I had ever worn. Vanity proved to be my downfall. I could not drive with them on & had no spare shoes. Then my Dad came chivalrously to the rescue. You can borrow my shoes, he suggested with a lovely smile on his face. I thought my dragging up days were over. On today of all days I had the surreal situation of having to dress up in my Dads clothes. A day that had seemed an impossible dream was filled with joy, lots of love & laughter. In the afternoon Mum & I went off shopping to the scene of our first ever mother daughter shopping experience just before Christmas, Debenhams. Our new relationship, one that is so special to me, that of Mum & daughter was truly being fulfilled.

I am the happiest girl in the world today & that’s official!

I never dared believe this day would ever happen & too share it with my beloved Mum & Dad is a moment I will always cherish.

I would like to thank you x million; all my dear family, friends, doctors & counsellors for getting me this far.

Lots of love

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Doris said...

So beautiful and moving :-)